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Oppilastalo Ltd

c/o Lahden Talot Oy
Mariankatu 19 (entrance in stairway A)
15110 Lahti
Tel. +358 3 851 570
Opening hours of the customer service office mon - fri 9am-12pm

Maintenance, door opening and notification of claim
RTK-Palvelu Oy
Tel: +358 029 029 3400

Cost of the door opening is mon-fri 7am-4pm 20 €, 4pm-22pm 30 €, all other times 60 € (invoice will be made).

With this form you can report the faults in your flat. Fill in this form with a special care and remember to tell the exact address of the apartment. If the report concerns a flat, also tell if the maintenance may use the master key. In other case, notify of a suitable time for the repair. If you have a pet, please inform of that also in the fault report, so that the maintenance knows that in advance. There will be notification of the maintenance visit in your apartment and whether the fault could be repaired, a possible new visit time and instructions to repair and prevent the fault in the future. Please note that anonymous reports are not handled. The tasks belonging to property maintenance company, see the housing guides section "fault reports".

Internet fault reports, please contact Elisa's customer service tel. +358 10 190 240


Flat keys return / pick-up from:
Lukkoässä Oy
Aleksanterinkatu 3
15110 Lahti

Opening hours mon-thu 8am-5pm and fri 8am-4pm.

You will get keys when your contract begins and after you have signed your contract in Oppilastalo office. Remember to take the contract with you when you go and pick up the key. You can also do written authorization if someone else will pick up the key on your behalf.

General information

Oppilastalo Ltd was established by vocational institutes’ student associations in Lahti in 1969. The company’s branch of business is to possess, administer and act as a lessor of real estates, as well as student- and other lease housing built to or on the real estates.


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